Is your electrician Real?


This last week I went to a new customer, for a small project. One of the first questions he had was, “how do I know you even are a electrician?”

Lucky for me I am a real electrician and was able to show my Electrical License.

I was glad to be asked, and think it is something that should be asked more.

So, Is your electrician a Real Electrician

Do you have a CO2 detector

A CO2 detector is mandatory on a new build if you have a attached garage or a fuel burning appliance such as a woodstove/fireplace, gas furnace, or other gas appliances. 

 If you have a older house with hard wired smoke detectors, you can install a combo CO2/smoke detector in its place. 

Remember CO2 is a oderless, tasteless. IT IS OFTEN NOT DETECTED UNTIL THERE ARE SYMPTOMS. It does kill

Make sure you have some type of a CO2 dector. 

GFCIs and Changes

What do you know about GFCI?

GFCIs are mandatory if a plug is within 1.5 meters of a sink, According to the Canadian Electrical code. A sink is a basin with a drain. 

According to the Canadian Electrical Code you need a plug within 1 meter of a sink in a bathroom. Therefor that plug in a bathroom needs to be protected by a GFCI. 

The GFCIs have been made differently as of 2016. They now will self test periodically. 

Remember you must test your GFCIs once a month by pressing the test button. It should trip and not provide power. Pressing the reset button should reset it. Some of the GFCI reset buttons need to be pressed  all the way in to reset, some times I use a object to help with this. home page

LED Upgrade for Businesses

Have you wondered about installing LED lighting in your Manitoba Business for hydro savings?

Hydro has some great incentives for this. Basically you can gat a T8 LED replacement lamp and have the lamp payed off in 3 years, at the current Energy rates.

There is the cost of the labor to install the lamp on top of that, but they need replacing any way sometime.

Call us to get saving Hydro in your business today!